10 Tips on Keeping Safe when Sailing at Night

sailing at night

We think sailing at night rocks.

There are numerous activities you need to consider when you’ll be sailing at night. Remember that even making use of safety equipment and gear is essential. Truly, sailing at night serves as one of the most enjoyable and best things that you can do.

Even the sound of a bow breaking in and the stars dazzling on a cloudless night through the waves, soothe the soul of a sailor. This even heightens your senses and makes you closer with the Poseidon itself.

For you to enjoy the night passage, there are special considerations you need to consider as well. This is especially true when it comes to executing and planning out a “night sail”.

Below are some of the techniques and tips that will let you achieve a more pleasurable and safer sailing at night:

1) Night Watches

In this type of activity, it is essential for you to set a “clear watch schedule” so that all your crew members will get enough rest. Inexperienced crew members must never be left alone. It is best to have a team with more experience.

Whenever you change watch, the retiring crew needs to make a short briefing of the sea conditions and the weather. They also need to take note of the traffic and the hazards in the area. They should also supply the best information prior to the current state of the vessel.

If you are new to sailing at night, you should be ready to resist temptation. It is best for you to enjoy star gazing and staying awake. It is essential that you should be alert and fresh on your watch. This is regardless if you can’t fall asleep. You just need to be sure to have some rest in your cubicle or berth.

2) Sustenance and Clothing

No matter how closer you sail in the tropics, expect that the weather will get cooler at night. Ensure that night crews have adequate hi-vis clothing such as pulsarail clothing. This is a perfect type of clothing for keeping warm and dry as well as staying seen in the dark.

In addition, stored foods and hot drinks must always be set ready within an easy reach in cockpit locker. Once they become happy and comfortable with the “night sailing procedures”, they will surely have a safer and more wonderful experience.

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How To Become A Better Sailor

how to become a better sailor

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Make use of a wide brimmed hat, complete clothes and weather jacket. These will all protect you against spray and rain. Apart from it, these will help you feel comfortable and secure while staying outside at a longer time. You need to stay in a warm and dry weather that is perfect for sailing.

Bring Emergency Grab Bag

Create a personalised and must-have bag. And then, match the contents to the variety of sailings that you have. The grab bag will be your partner during the emergency. If unexpected incident has occurred wherein you’ll have to abandon the boat, common items like wallet, change, identification, cell phone, extra keys should be placed at your bag.

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How To Sail Like A Pro

You need to inspect the stitching from Head-to-Foot. And, you need to look at every inch of the straight and zigzag sewing stitching for chafe or wear. You need to focus on the sale edges such as the leech and luff. This is because the loads are mostly found here are the heaviest.

The Mainsails

With the use of a pencil, you need to mark all of the worn areas and check the Sail Sea with broken stitching. You need to look on each slug and slide on the foot and luff. Hardware sailing causes additional tension to sailcloth. This further leads to worn and weakened fabric.

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An Overview Of The Safety Procedures You Should Follow Before Sailing On Your Boat

Below are some of the important pointers that will help you sail your boat the safest way:

Weather Conditions

dangerous wether conditions

Make sure to check on the local weather report before you set the schedule of the sail. Sources may include of the television, forecasts, coast guard and radio. Reckoning weather conditions serve as one of the most important things you need to do.

You need to be extra observant when it comes to the volatile, rough winds and darkening clouds. This clearly shows you that it is not safe and you need to set sail on another day.

Having a clearer perception of the elements and forces of nature while sailing helps in keeping your head way from hallucinating substances.

Correct Preparation

prepare a checklist

Make a check-list beforehand and check it several times. Preparation serves as one of the “basic safety procedures” that will minimize threats from various activities. You need to have a first aid kit, PFD’s, fire extinguishers. You also need to check out the wear and tear signs that can affect your sailing experience.

Always prepare a life jacket since this is intended to be utilised as your vessel ornament.

Make sure to inform other people about your route plan. List it with the local marina personnel and coast guard.

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Why You Should Know About The Dangers That Bad Weather Conditions Can Create?


Employing the appropriate seamanship is essential. This is especially true when an unexpected storm pops up. The majority of people who rely on the water for their source of income are familiar with the old adage ‘mackerel, mares and scales’ tails cause tall ship to fly low sail’. When working at distances far from the shore, people should know how to keep an eye on weather cloud formations.

If you’re a recreational boater, you may avoid the bad weather by first checking the “marine forecast”. This is even before heading out or postponing your cruise. If you’re already at a distance from the shore, a sudden thunderstorm might be hazardous as well. This is when seamanship is really needed.

Are you familiar with seamanship? This is the ability of an individual to pilot a vessel in an effective way under such an adverse condition. Such skill can be acquired as the time passes by. This also involves a huge understanding of the vessel. It should be handled appropriately in different situations and varying loads.

In addition, this also requires further knowledge about the geography, wind and water. This type of information is obtained not just inside the classroom but even during water training. You need to make sure that you and your boat are ready all the time. Rodes and anchors must be kept ready along with other safety equipments and life jackets.

Remember that there are no two storm situations that are exactly alike. Majority of small-sized boats are not constructed or designed for heavy pounding. When strong-breaking waves occur, capsizing and flooding also occur.

In “beam seas” where waves are perpendicular with the side of the boat, excessive roll even causes the load to shift. If the wave comes from the back part of your boat, the vessel might even lose its stability on the wave crest.

If the speed is excessive, expect for the broaching to occur. This type of situation is where the vessel runs down from the wave, gathers the speed and buries the bow into the backside of next wave. Such type of situation causes the vessel to sharply veer off while the “boat operator” loses its control.

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How To Keep Your Boat Running On Top Form

Each boat requires regular and quality maintenance regardless of whether it is customised or basic, big or small. The good news is that small repairs and routine maintenance are not that hard on your part. Sooner or later, even a little elbow grease will pay off.

Below are some of our tips for keeping your boat running like new, all year round:

Wash Your Boat On A Regular Basis

The simplest task you need to do is to wash it on a regular basis. If the boat is placed on a saltwater, you can simply rinse it off using fresh water. This is right for you to get rid of salt residue.

Bear in mind that salt does not mainly corrode metal, hardware and fastener. You can make use of long handle, quality soap and soft bristle boat brush. When it comes to gelcoat, marine boatwash serves to be one of the best formulated gelcoats to use. This helps prevent your boat from any other detrimental factors. Secondly, car wash soap is recognized to be the next best thing to use. On the other hand, other individuals make use of laundry soap.

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